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Flower Mural

Whole Room

This was a whole room project which took approximately 4 days. We started with a small room which had hooks and shelves and silk paint. We spent half a day prepping the room, by removing all hooks and shelves and filling the holes. All the walls were then sanded and cleaned. The next day we painted a base and top coat in a matt duck egg on all the walls. 

The mural took 2 days to draw out and paint. The customer had curtains she wanted to colour match and bedding with patterns to look similar to the mural. So we painted the main flowers to match the curtains and incorporated similar leaves to the bedding into the mural. With a few more pops of colour in the pink and yellow overall the mural is happy painting but doesn't take over the whole room. We finished off by prepping and painting and eggshell coat on all the skirtings. 

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