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Garden Mural

External 2 House Walls

A bright and bold mural with daisy's sunflowers and foxgloves, bees and a butterfly finish off this garden scene. Rain may have hampered our process but overall took around a week to complete. This was our first large external mural and was great fun to paint, we even had a little helper for an afternoon! 

This mural project started with a unfinished base coat which had been open to the elements. So to begin we cleaned the walls top to bottom and put another coat of the blue base coat on and a dark grey strip along the base to match the rest of the house. 

We then painted the dark green grass along the base of the 2 walls. The daisy's and the sunflowers were painted next. We then hit some delays from the weather but managed to get the foxglove's and bees completed in a good amount of time. The final details were added to the leaves and petals to make them pop and become more interesting. 

305047332_501780918618240_8048112382115983796_n (1).jpg

Garden Mural

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