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About Vora Designs

I was inspired to start the business when I fell pregnant. I didn't want a plain nursery for my daughter. I decided to let my imagination go wild and designed and painted the nursery while I was 7 months pregnant. From there I didn't want to halt the creativity and started Vora Designs to bring colour and excitement to people's homes. 

Design has been a huge part of my life and knowing that the possibilities are pretty much endless, drives so much passion into my work. I have been lucky enough to have 4 years experience in designing kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms for huge brand IKEA ,which allowed me to fully understand the concept of home and what people desire in their space.


Now I have moved on to be more artistic. I have completed many murals on walls as well as complete walls and rooms. 

I would love the opportunity to paint for you. 

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