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Cartoon Characters

As an artist at Vora Designs, I specialise in painting various cartoon characters that kids love, including Lilo and Stich, Peppa Pig, Mickey Mouse, and Cars. I strive to bring joy to every child's life by creating captivating and colorful paintings that will bring their favorite characters to life. I'm dedicated to providing high-quality paintings to my clients as quickly as possible, typically completing projects within 1 to 3 days. My ultimate goal is to bring joy and happiness to children's lives by putting a smile on their faces through my art. Whether you need a painting for your child's room or any other place, I can create it quickly and beautifully. Contact me today to get started.



Lilo and Stitch

Vora Designs completed a this children's bedroom project in just two days. The design features the popular characters Lilo & Stitch and Angel, and incorporates the child's name into the artwork. With a bright and colourful palette, this room is sure to inspire your child's creativity.



At Vora Designs, we believe that every client deserves a space that reflects their personality. For instance, take this boys room we worked on – a two day project where we transformed one wall into a stunning Cars-themed masterpiece, featuring iconic characters like Lightening McQueen and Mater.  Bright and colourful artwork which makes a child's room completely personal. 



Peppa Pig 

Bring the joy and excitement of Peppa Pig into your home with our stunning Peppa Pig mural. We painted a mural for a little boy named Harry, and the bright and colourful design perfectly captured Peppa and her family. Let us design and paint a Peppa Pig mural for you, and watch as your child's imagination is sparked.



At Vora Designs, we specialise in bringing creative and personalised artwork into your home. This was a project for a brother and sister who shared a bedroom. Our task was to create a vibrant and playful atmosphere by painting a wall mural that blended the characters from Paw Patrol and Frozen together. We completed the project in just 2 days, leaving them with bright and colourful artwork that they will enjoy for years to come.


Frozen and Paw Patrol

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