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What We Offer

Mural, Sign and Window Design

Vora Designs is a painting business that is passionate about bringing the beauty of art to everyday life. We specialise in a variety of painting services, from designing custom murals to working on interior and exterior projects. We also paint signs, windows, logos and more, for both residential and commercial customers. 

No matter the project, our goal is to make sure that your vision is brought to life. With our experienced and talented artist, you can trust that your home or business will look its best. With Vora Designs, you will get an incredible work of art that you’ll be proud to show off.

Everyone’s situation is different, so we welcome you to reach out should you have any questions or concerns. We offer an initial consultation to find out exactly what you need and then a home visit to design and cost. We then go over the final design and book you in for the painting.


Full Room Mural

Multiple interior walls for any room in the house, including nurseys and children's rooms.

Part Wall Mural

If you want just on image or logo or a smaller mural painted this is also an option, no project is too small. Interior or exterior projects are possible.

1 Wall Mural

A mural painted on one wall with the rest of the room painted in a single colour. Or if you have the room ready painted and want only the mural painted on one wall.

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From shop windows to home windows, can be to follow the seasons or any theme.

External Mural 

Any external project from walls, buildings, wooden objects, metal. This can be a large mural or smaller designs.


We also offer handmade wood work projects from signposts, door signs and plant pots.

Window Painting

From shop windows to home windows, can be to follow the seasons or any theme.

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Mural Design for Business 

At Vora Designs, we love working with businesses to create stunning Mural designs that help them stand out from the crowd. I use my artistic skills and years of experience to design vibrant and dynamic murals that capture a company's unique spirit and personality. Our brightly colored artwork is guaranteed to attract customers and create a welcoming atmosphere in any space. Our window painting, signs and chalkboard signs are all eye-catching and creatively designed to meet our client's specific needs.

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