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What is the process?

Once you contact us, we will be in touch to find out the scope of the project, themes, budget and timeframe. We will then arrange a visit to your property where you want the mural, so we can get dimensions and a more in depth chat of what you would like. We will then design your mural and get back in touch to give you a price quote and at this point we will require a deposit. Once you are happy with the design and deposit paid we can book you in for the painting.

What is the cost?

Every project has a different cost. We take into account the size, how many walls, style, how much detail, material cost and location. The price can be to suit a budget or a complete cost on how long it will take to complete. There is no fee for the initial design process and a deposit is needed when a painting date set.


We are located in Carmarthen, South-West Wales. If the project location is not near south Wales, instead of the initial visit we will ask for photographs and dimensions of the walls where you want the painting. If this is the case your location will also add travel costs to your quote.

How long will it take?

Depending on the size of the mural and the amount of detail wanted, the length of time varies. Simple murals can be completed in a few days whereas a larger more detailed mural make take a few weeks. We aim to get your design to you within a week of the home visit.


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