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Other Work

At Vora Designs, I specialize in creating unique and personalized murals for any space. From a stunning living room family tree to a quirky man cave or even cow mascots for a dairy farm, I am passionate about bringing my clients' visions to life through my art. I love taking on new and challenging projects, so if you have an idea in mind, let's make it happen together!




Vora Designs is dedicated to creating stunning and unique works of art that add colour and personality to any room. Our galaxy mural was an exciting project that allowed us to incorporate a wide range of colours and techniques to achieve a truly breath-taking result. Check out our other projects to see how we can help transform your home or office.




We can create a personalised painting that can match your home décor, furniture, and much more. This soft and gentle design used a pink and grey colour palette to create a rainbow feature, perfect for baby's nursery. With colours and patterns to match other aspects of the room. 

AF4D0FBF-407D-4CE9-9EF5-13B8A5655F8A (1).JPG


Man Cave

This stunning white mural of a mountain biker on a navy background, created a dramatic contrast for a bold feature wall in a man cave. We can adapt any picture of your choosing to your wall with any colour combination to make a completely personalised feature in your home. 


Family Tree

At Vora Designs, we believe that personalisation is key to creating a special work of art. This family tree project was perfect to add photos of family members. Personalised with birds to add an extra special touch. The mural was painted in black on an orange background, creating a high contrast design that is both striking and beautiful. 



Beach Signs 

Looking for a way to make your business stand out from the crowd? Vora Designs can help! These bright and colourful beach signs included, photo props with face holes, and engaging signs for different products. These were designed to catch the attention of potential customers and bring in business. This fun and engaging photo prop was the perfect way to get the business name out into the world. 



Cow Mascots 

At Vora Designs, we believe that every project is an opportunity to create something new and memorable. The cow and calf wooden boards for the dairy farm was one such project that was both challenging and incredibly fulfilling.  Not only was this project fun to work on, but it was also enjoyable to see the boards being used for taking memorable pictures

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